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Greetings NFT enthusiasts from 01etc NFT Marketplace, where everything enjoyable becomes profitable.

We are happy to announce that we are commencing DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza)-NFT Designer Contest by collaborating with Seoul Design Foundation to rewards 10 teams

Are you a creator that would like to challenge art skills and imagination to win 35 million KRW?

This is your chance to shine!

To take part in our DDP NFT Designer Contest please check the details that we have listed.


The following information applies only to Korea-based or planned-to-visit Korean participants.

DDP-NFT Collection Vol.1 : NFT Designer Contest

Contest subject: DDP dot, line, dimension

Fields of contest: Any kinds of digitally produced works such as paintings, illustrations, photos, dots, lines, and dimensions-themed 3D paintings are welcomed!

※ Pre-contest workshop for using the platform to participate in the contest and issuing NFTs is scheduled

※ For detailed schedule and participation methods, refer to the contest or the website of the Seoul Design Foundation: https://01etc.com/live/ddp

Prize Content: Total prize money of 35 million won, total of 10 teams

※ All submitted works and final winning works will be exhibited offline at the DDP-NFT Special Exhibition:

Location: Design Hall, 3F DDP Design Lab

Homepage: www.01etc.com/ddpcollecting

Hosted by: Seoul Design Foundation

Organized by: Seoul Design Foundation × Delio

Contest Target and Participation Eligibility

Any Korean citizen or Foreigner based in Korea or planning to visit Korea during the Contest period also who interested or in developing digital design works that can be published by NFT.

Individuals or teams (up to 3 people) who meet the eligibility criteria for the contest

※ Those who can open a virtual currency wallet (Metamask) for NFT issuance (team)

※ Youth can participate as a team with an adult who can open a virtual currency wallet (Metamask)

📍 Notes on participation

To participate in this contest, you must agree to join and use the contest website.

In this contest, NFT issuance and sales are made through submission, so you must agree to the NFT issuance and sale of the submitted works.

All entries and prize-winning works of this contest must agree to the on/offline exhibition hosted by the Seoul Design Foundation.

Participants must understand the price volatility of cryptocurrency due to the nature of NFT works.

※ For details, refer to the notice of the contest guideline.

📅 DDP-NFT Collection Vol.1 : NFT Designer Contest Schedule:

Pre-Contest Workshop: Pre-Contest Workshop for using the platform to participate in the contest and issuing NFTs

* For those who are interested in NFT but are not familiar with the industry, a separate training will be conducted.

1st Workshop: September 3 (Sat)

2nd Workshop: September 8 (Sat)

※Schedule is subject to change

📅 Application submission:

1st Submission: September 1 (Thu) ~ September 29 (Thu) 12:00 PM KST (via 01etc website)

2nd Submission: October 6 (Thu) ~ November 3 (Thu) 12:00 PM KST, (via 01etc website)

Offline exhibition location: DDP-NFT special exhibition (DDP Design Lab 3rd floor, Design Hall)

* All works received through the DDP-NFT Contest will be exhibited offline at DDP special Exhibition.

1st Submission: October 11 (Tue) ~ December 4 (Sun)

2nd Submission: November 8 (Tue) ~ December 4 (Sun)

📅 Winners Announcement: December 5 (Mon) ~ December 31 (Sat)

※ Awards ceremony schedule is a subject to change

Artworks review evaluation: 2022. Mid-November (planned)

Result announcement and awards ceremony: Early December 2022 (planned)

※ Subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation

🪂 Awards and Perks for Winners:

🔸 NFT sale promotion

🔸Presence at DDP-NFT gallery opening event

🔸Total prize money of 35 million KRW

To participate, please refer to the 01etc NFT Marketplace:

📍 https://01etc.com/live/ddp

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